Tips for you that is coming to have your plastic surgery in Brazil

You've probably heard about the quality of plastic surgery in Brazil and on the excellent results of these surgeries has worldwide fame.

You decide to operate in Brazil, great!!

It is important to know somethings before traveling, to avoid surprises and last minute inconveniences.

Before operating, the patient should undergo preoperative tests that can be done in your home country or in Brazil as soon as they arrive.

If you choose to take the exams in Brazil, the estimated time to receive results is 2-4 days.

It is important you set the length of stay and medical care time after surgery.

We recommend you stay in Brazil at least 14 days after surgery. This is time required for removal of stitchs and for early monitoring of wound healing and recovery.

We have assistance to foreign patients, as marking laboratory tests. In the postoperative period, we can arrange specialized escort (nurse) in the first days after surgery if necessary. If you want, you can send someone to pick you up at the airport, and give you hotel indication, among others.

If the patient wants to take the exams in Brazil, we will be scheduled it and when you arrive in Brazil, you need only go to the lab and collect the tests. This schedule avoid lost of days waiting for marking exams.


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